Can I get any discount on laser marking wood in my first order?
Yes, if customers conduct first order for laser marking wood , they will find some discounts given by Dong Guan Qing Yu Laser Technology Co., Ltd. But there should be some criteria being met. The number of the purchased products should be higher than the minimum order quantity as it is the basic criteria that we can make a profit. If you are not sure of our product quality, you can place an order for the sample, which is endowed with the same characteristics of our product. What's more, the discount is negotiable on the foundation that there is room for further cooperation.

Owing to the development of strict management system, Qingyu has made great progress in co2 laser marking machine industry. The laser marking machine for plastic series is widely praised by customers. The product features great surface smoothness. All defects such as burrs and cracks are eliminated during the process of forming. The product is characterized by strong repeatability. The product will run for a long time, saving homeowners or business owners the hassle and expense of replacing it. Equipped with computer-controlled programming, the product reduces human errors.

Making co2 laser marking machine available everywhere is Qing Yu Laser' vision. Get info!
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