How about Qing Yu Laser logistics distribution system?
As Dong Guan Qing Yu Laser Technology Co., Ltd has got enlarged scale and developed better, we have established a sounder logistics distribution system. The system is supported by our well-trained and experienced staff including after-sales staff members. We have improved service levels greatly, managed the inventory, and reduced transportation costs. Also, the system alleviates any potential for errors in delivery as well as controls the time well that products need to be delivered. It is true that owning an advanced logistics distribution system can be an important factor to improve operation efficiency and competitiveness.

Assisted by the high quality staff, Qingyu enjoys a good reputation among the market. The glass laser engraving machine series is widely praised by customers. Chemicals emitted from this product will not be a potential source of health problems as these chemicals have been properly addressed. The product is characterized by strong repeatability. This product is designed with the aims of being convenient, dependable, and safe to people. It is the ideal appliance for modern people. The product can significantly help reduce contamination of the workpiece.

Qing Yu Laser has always tried our utmost to serve our customers well. Inquire now!
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