How long will it take if I want fiber marking machine sample?
It depends on whether you have specific requirements for the fiber marking machine sample. Usually, we will send a normal sample. After the sample is shipped, we will send you an email notification of the status of the order. If you encounter a delay in receiving a sample order, please contact us immediately and we will help you confirm the status of the sample.

As a famous brand, Qingyu concentrates on manufacturing laser machine. The laser marking series is widely praised by customers. Qingyu laser marking machine for metal has to go through an entire production process. From concept development, through detailed mechanical design&control systems design, manufacture, and final commissioning, each process is well conducted. The product causes no pollution, which is environmentally friendly. The product is good for helping to reduce energy consumption. Therefore installing this product helps save money by reducing energy costs in a long-run. The product is available in different laser capacities.

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