How many laser marking plastic are produced by Qing Yu Laser per year?
The output of laser marking plastic in Dong Guan Qing Yu Laser Technology Co., Ltd is considerable. We can expand production capacity according to market demand. We receive any orders that are above the minimum amount. Production will be arranged to ensure on-time delivery.

Qing Yu Laser is one of the earliest and largest laser marking machine manufacturer. The laser marking series is widely praised by customers. Qingyu glass marking machine is manufactured with high-performance materials. Due to the applications where the product is used, only those materials with desirable combinations of mechanical characteristics are selected. Thanks to its high stability, the product can work continuously for 24 hours. Not only does this product offers environmental benefits by reducing energy waste and pollution, but offers major energy savings for homeowners or business owners. The product can be applied to all types of materials such as metal, plastic, rubber, and wood.

Qing Yu Laser has successfully created the famous Chinese brand Qingyu.
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