How to purchase laser marking companies ?
There are a lot of methods to purchase laser marking companies , including online purchase, offline order, and so on. As we keep promoting the product online, we set some company links in the marketing content, and customers can click the link to access to our official website. Also, you can contact our sales directly via email or phone, they will be glad to help you. As for the offline purchase, customers can visit our factory. Once you are satisfied, you can sign the contract on-site, with all duty and responsibility clarified.

As a grand exporter, Dong Guan Qing Yu Laser Technology Co., Ltd has been specialized in producing laser marking for years. The laser marking machine for plastic series is widely praised by customers. Qingyu laser marking machine for metal has to go through several production stages. From the design of injection-molded plastic parts, the preparation of metal materials to the installations of fixtures, it is carried out by our professional workers. The product features high precision and high speed. The product only needs little cost to run. People are able to lower their utility bill in the long run. Its rugged industrial strength frame makes it not susceptible to shocks and vibration.

Qing Yu Laser strictly adheres to its promise and abides by its reputation. Inquire now!
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