Laser making in the automotive industry

Product traceability has become extremely requested in the automotive industry, where the huge number of vehicle components come from various suppliers. 
Keeping the enormous supply chain under control is extremely important to increase productivity and reduce costs. Therefore, automotive components carry an ID code, which can be a Barcode, Qrcode, or 
DataMatrix.  These codes allow you to trace the manufacturer and the date and place of production of the item, which makes it much easier to manage any malfunctioning problems, thus reducing the risk of errors.

Laser marking is the most effective method to trace a component, regardless of whether it’s made of plastic or metal, as the code we mark is permanent, with reduced dimensions, and visible, even if the details have a complex structure.



We can mark any type of code, ASCII characters, and symbols, by setting the parameters through the software.



Laser ensures high-precision even with complex geometric details.



We customise both the marking machine and software so as to integrate them into a specific production line.



Laser has an extremely marking speed, while the software allows us to set the parameters to mark different content in the same cycle

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LASIT provides the following benefits


  1. Over 30 years of experience in this industry. We have seized all the challenges of the marking industry – from manufacturing laser markingheads to whole turnkey systems – providing standard and customised solutions.


  1. We take care of the entire project, developing the marking machine, as well as its design and manufacture, without relying on intermediaries.



  1. Our laser marking machines can be integrated into MES – ERP systems or simple management programs, communication software and


  1. Our laser systems can interface with communication protocols, such as PROFIBUS,PROFINET, and In case of integrations, the laser marking unit interfaces with an existing PLCsystem or a PLC system specifically programmed for this purpose.
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