should manufacturers consider buying laser cutter?

by:Qingyu     2020-03-26
What do you do when you need a promotional logo for an event in two weeks.
You have to pay high shipping and high shipping to the promotion company.
But how about firing your own laser and making 100 pieces quickly?
Isn\'t the second option more convenient?
Now you have to consider the cost.
Back in the past, most small and medium-sized enterprises
Outsourcing of laser engraving business.
With the wide development of technology in the market, it eliminates the economic obstacles in the market.
The ability of laser engraving and cutting.
Laser cutting and engraving caused a stir in the market for many reasons.
As the volume of outsourcing increases, monthly spending on custom laser services is not costeffective.
Sometimes it will extend your production plan and cause delays.
If you are a manufacturer, then it may be a cost to install laser equipment with Amada replacement parts or Trumpf spare parts in your own factory-Friendly choice.
You won\'t have any pressure on delivery time.
Also, whenever you have to meet unpredictable customer needs, you can minimize costs by controlling laser cutting and opening these resourcespremise.
When technology has developed, big-
You can find the zoom cut and engraving machine on the smaller desktop model.
Today\'s laser cutting machines provide speed, productivity and efficiency to increase production and reduce scrap rates.
Due to the continuous improvement of the design and manufacturing process, there are some systems that are more durable and require less maintenance than the old model.
The laser marking process produces a clear, detailed design that allows you to engrave images up to 1000
1200 points per inch.
It also provides a very fast way to customize the product.
You can easily carve multiple parts at a time.
This makes it easier for the laser system to make it easy for the user to create a quick fixture, fix the item in the appropriate position, and carve as many parts as possible based on the area capacity of the laser work area.
Although there may be some manufacturers worried about in-
Develop in-house expertise in specific laser job configuration and engineering. Bringing an in-
Home laser systems allow manufacturers to brand their promotional products.
They can make their own clothes, laptops, mobile phones, etc.
As employees recognize products, they can also design their own internal/external signage and other products.
Carving custom graphics on MP3 players, ipod, iPads and mobile phones is a very popular app that helps prevent theft.
So the next time you face such a deadline to customize your product, let your product in
Home laser cutting systems with Amada replacement parts or Trumpf spare parts can help you deliver your results on time.
Some useful tips can help you before you place your order: Material: make sure the material you use involves steel pipes.
Also, if your material contains high reflective metal, aluminum, red copper, etc.
Then select the laser cutting machine suitable for this kind of metal processing.
Size: is the key to the choice of fiber laser cutting.
Be careful when measuring them and decide the size of the workbench.
Thickness: in order to achieve the cutting effect efficiently, it is important to consider the material thickness of the power of the fiber laser cutting machine.
In addition, it will help you to choose the most effective solution.
While some manufacturers pay cash for lasers, most of them use financial methods.
You also have your own financing plan OEM in addition to the bank source.
Also, to save money, make sure you don\'t compromise on quality when investing in laser cutting machines.
High quality parts like Amada replacement parts will not only increase the life cycle of the tool, but also require less maintenance.
However, you will need to deliver and install successfully in order to get the full service.
Decide what kind of foundation you need.
After that, the laser cutting machine must be located in the right place, away from the harsh environment area.
Also, make sure you choose efficient laser flow
Cut banks to downstream manufacturing.
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