When was Qing Yu Laser established?
Dong Guan Qing Yu Laser Technology Co., Ltd, as a professional manufacturer of laser welding machine price , has been dedicated to the development of the industry for years. It takes Qing Yu Laser a few years to grow from a small business to an enterprise that dominates the domestic market. As we were established when the product was at the early stage, we have accumulated years of experience in material sourcing, quality control and component assembly. We will continue to celebrate the innovation and update of the product as well as the service enhancement in the next decade.

The notability of Qingyu has been rapidly increasing. The laser marking machine for plastic series is widely praised by customers. A series of inspections for Qingyu laser equipments will be carried out, mainly including stress corrosion cracking, fatigue failure analysis, surface roughness, dimension accuracy, anti-corrosion performance, and so on. The product features high precision and high speed. The product plays a significant role in the modern household and workplace. It greatly helps improve the overall efficiency with regards to living and working. It can withstand a given number of cycles for long.

Looking ahead, Qing Yu Laser will continue to provide quality services to consumers. Inquiry!
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